Penelope Karovsky


Penelope is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. She arrived in the US in 1964 with a new baby, a B.A. in English and Music, and much optimism. She settled in Seattle in 1977 and got a Ph.D. in Education. Now she's the proud grandmother of seven boys and a girl. She's been a Madison Valley resident since 2008. In her own words:

"My parents modeled a life of giving rather than getting so being a volunteer has always made sense to me. I am retired, but teach senior aerobics at the YMCA three times a week. The best parts of living in the Valley are the diverse people, the beautiful trees and gardens, and being able to live in a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood just ten minutes from the center of Seattle."


Cherie Sato


Originally from Japan, Cherie has been a resident of Madison Valley for 13 years.  She is a financial and research analyst, and she has expertise  in financial planning and economic forecast for both the public and private sectors, including state and city governments.  She enjoys walking the neighborhood with her dog and kids and meeting the neighbors, so please don't hesitate to say hello..


Dana Hanna

Vice-President / Acting Secretary

After spending years wandering the world as a video game producer, Dana arrived in the Pacific Northwest in 2002 and found her true home. She's been a resident of Madison Valley since 2008. 

By day she's still a wrangler of software developers, schedules, and budgets. Dana remains an avid gamer, but also enjoys making cocktails, travel, nachos, and cheesy horror films.

Sarah Tretheway

Board Member

Sarah moved to Madison Valley in 1995.  She got involved with MVCC in 2000 for a few years and during that time helped to get the P-patch built at 30th and Mercer. She also held the office of treasurer for a year.  She cares about the neighbors and the neighborhood and would like to see the council become an important asset in our community.