MVCC Meeting Notes


04 October 2017


  • Discussion of Bailey Boushay project proposal with Brian Knowles

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Bailey Boushay Project Presentation and Q+A

Brian Knowles, Executive Director of Bailey Boushay House was our guest speaker.

Brian gave a brief history of Bailey Boushay's 26 year history of providing service primarily to the HIV/AIDs community. Bailey Boushay was built in the Madison Valley community due to affordable property and its proximity to the most affected HIV/AIDs population in nearby Capitol Hill and the Central District. It was funded and is operated by Virginia Mason Medical Center. Bailey Boushay has an inpatient program that provides hospice care to HIV/AIDs patients and the broader community as well.

26 years ago there was no treatment for HIV/AIDS. Bailey Boushay was a national pioneer in hospice care for the sick and dying. One half of all AIDs patients in King County died at Bailey Boushay.

Since treatment became available in the 90s, Bailey Boushay has evolved into a primarily out-patient program providing medical treatment, meals and social services. Bailey Boushay serves 360 clients who are now increasingly a homeless population. Treatment for the homeless with HIV/AIDs is important because transmission is decreased when treatment is available and is followed.

Bailey Boushayis seeking a $800,000 grant from the City of Seattle to provide overnight services to 50 of its homeless clients. These clients will be housed overnight in the center’s dining room and will be supported in efforts to find permanent housing.

Brian answered questions about the new program and is available to answer more to anyone who want to send him an email at

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.


  • 2017 financial report
  • Upcoming events
  • 2017 MVCC elections
  • Democracy vouchers presentation

Financial Report (Cherie Sato)

  • Over the last year, the current MVCC board identified potential compliance and conflict of interest. The board has addressed the issues in the following ways:
    • Compiled and analyzed MVCC financial records from the last several years
    • Moved our website from (currently not controlled by MVCC) to (owned by MVCC) to avoid conflicts of interest
    • Created a new PayPal account just for MVCC and routed MVCC donations to it (previous PayPal account was also connected to Madison Valley Merchants' Association)
    • Created a new Facebook page just for MVCC
    • Registered as a charity with Amazon Smile
    • Updated Benevity - Microsoft employee donation match program - to benefit just MVCC
  • Activity summary
    • Most activity in recent memory
    • Now compliant with nonprofit law and tax regulations
    • 60% of all expenses paid by grants
      • Received two new grants (for legal fees and for Julia Lee Park concert in December)
    • Still need donations for expenses not covered by grants - at least $500 per year to pay for business license and web-related expenses
    • Donations from non-board members total $39; board members cannot continue to cover all the expenses of MVCC
    • Without donations, MVCC has seven months runway at this rate; currently have about $300 cash on hand
    • Looking for volunteers for a fundraising committee
  • Income statement
    • Covers 18-month period because old statements do not exist and cannot be reconciled or amended
    • Net loss for year was $961.10
  • Public comments:
    • Paddy McDonald: has been doing research that indicates the domain was originally the property of MVCC. Discussion followed about previous conversations between current and former MVCC officers in which the previous president of MVCC claimed ownership. Board members will research in the coming months and take action if needed.
    • Ron Flynn: mentioned there is an MVCC presence on Nextdoor that still goes to Board members will research.
    • Question: are we looking into new grant opportunities? Answer: yes. Penelope knows more about what we're doing in this area but could not attend. We will share more info as we get it.
    • Question: can we do an annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser? Answer: we can look into it. There wasn't a lot of support for it in past years - lot of work but not much payback. Will need to look into budget, permitting, and volunteer availability.
    • Question: is the Amazon Smile link on the website? Answer: not yet, but we'll get it up there ASAP.
    • Question: expenses were mostly associated with compliance this year. What's a realistic yearly run rate now that compliance is covered? Cherie: about $500 annually just to keep the lights on. More for events.

Upcoming Events (Cherie Sato and Sarah Trethewey)

  • Free yard signs for pedestrian safety have been ordered.  Will arrive soon.  Four kinds, fifteen of each kind available.
  • Blood drive moved to Saturday, July 8.  Bank of America parking lot. Recommend that you pre-register.  Cosponsored by MVCC and others. We have enough volunteers for blood drive.
  • Bike safety awareness campaign postponed to spring.  1 week before bike to school events start.
  • Your Voice Your Choice:
    • Seattle Department of Neighborhoods solicited ideas for neighborhood projects that would benefit from city funding
    • Finalists have been chosen; residents are now asked to vote for which they'd like to see funded
    • $285,000 total available
    • You can vote online or in person - more information here

2017 MVCC Board Elections

Per our new bylaws, we have a total of ten board member positions. Four of those (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) are also officer positions. We elected officers first, then board members. Attendees were reminded that all are welcome to attend meetings, but only attendees with primary residences within our service area are permitted to vote.

Officer Elections - Candidates

  • President
    • Penelope Karovsky
  • Vice President
    • Dana Hanna
  • Treasurer
    • Cherie Sato
  • Secretary
    • Diane Zahn

All candidates ran unopposed. Attendees were asked before voting began if anyone wanted to be added to the ballot for any office. No attendees asked to do that. Ballots were passed out with the names of all declared candidates, plus write-in space for anyone who wanted to vote for other people.

Paddy McDonald tallied the votes. Fourteen ballots were received. Results:

  • President: 14 votes and no abstentions for Penelope Karovsky
  • Vice President: 13 votes for Dana Hanna and one abstention
  • Treasurer: 14 votes and no abstentions for Cherie Sato
  • Secretary: 13 votes for Diane Zahn and one abstention

Board Members

Six board member positions were available. Candidates who declared before the meeting were:

  • Sarah Trethewey
  • Ron Flynn
  • Jennifer Goodwin

Kevin Murphy volunteered to run at the meeting in addition to the three declared candidates.

Ballots were again passed out, again with space for write-in candidates. Voting members were asked to vote for no more than six candidates. Paddy McDonald collected and tallied the results:

  • Sarah Trethewey: 13 votes
  • Ron Flynn: 13 votes
  • Jennifer Goodwin: 11 votes
  • Kevin Murphy: 12 votes
  • Paddy McDonald: 2 votes

Paddy McDonald, a write-in candidate, accepted the board position.

Official results

MVCC's 2017-18 officers and board members are:

  • Penelope Karovsky - President
  • Dana Hanna - Vice President
  • Cherie Sato - Treasurer
  • Diane Zahn - Secretary
  • Sarah Trethewey - Board Member
  • Ron Flynn - Board Member
  • Jennifer Goodwin - Board Member
  • Kevin Murphy - Board Member
  • Paddy McDonald - Board Member

We have one open board member position.

Democracy Vouchers

Bobbi Pascal, a representative of City Council candidate Pat Murakami's campaign, joined us to talk about Seattle's democracy voucher program. 

  • Every voter can allocate $25-100 to the city campaign of your choice. 
  • Most people don’t’ remember where they put the vouchers, which were mailed out months ago (You can request replacements here.)
  • You can divide up each voucher in $25 increments any way you want.  Please use the vouchers – city voted for it.  Let’s be responsive.

Question and answer period:

Q: When can we use the first one? 
A: For the primary elections, this August. Using them in the primaries can help smaller campaigns get better funding.
Q: How do I send them in?
A: You can give them to the campaign or mail it in. If you fill out replacement form, please don’t send in the one you received in the mail.
Q: Is this only open to US citizens?
Bobbi: You need to be a registered voter, and you need to be a US citizen to register to vote. So yes.

Meeting adjourned at 7.58pm.

20 June 2017


  1. Call to order (Dana Hanna, MVCC)
  2. Vote to ratify revised MVCC bylaws (Dana Hanna, MVCC)
  3. Election of new board members (Dana Hanna, MVCC)
  4. Emergency preparedness and neighborhood safety update (Cherie Sato, MVCC)
  5. Upcoming events (Cherie Sato, MVCC)

Vote to Ratify revised MVCC bylaws

  • Changes to existing bylaws and the events along the timeline for the current revision were summarized by Dana Hanna. This timeline included three feedback periods for members. A summary is available under the BYLAWS section of the MVCC website.
  • A comparison chart of key points, put together by Cherie Sato, was handed out to attendees. Full text of the old bylaws and the proposed revised bylaws were also made available for those who wanted to review. This information is also available under the BYLAWS section of the MVCC website.
  • A motion to ratify the new bylaws as written was made by Dana Hanna. Cherie Sato seconded. We then opened the floor for clarifying questions on the vote, asking that members limit each question to one minute or less due to time constraints. Questions were submitted by:
    • Jerry Sussman
    • Py Bateman
    • Paddy McDonald
    • Candis Castle
    • Jen Sorensen
  • After 15 minutes of questions, Dana Hanna moved to close discussion, and that motion was seconded by Cherie Sato. called to close discussion and. Results:
    • 16 yay
    • 5 nay
    • 1 abstention
  • Upon the successful vote to close discussion, a vote on the motion to ratify the bylaws was taken. Results:
    • 16 yay
    • 5 nay
    • 1 abstention
  • The revised bylaws were ratified. The meeting resumed under the rules of the new bylaws.

Vote to Elect New Board Members

  • Since the new bylaws allow us to have up to ten board members, we now have seven open board slots. Sarah Trethewey volunteered to fill one of those slots. She introduced herself to the group, and a vote was taken. Results:
    • 13 yay
    • 1 nay
    • 3 abstentions
  • Sarah is now part of MVCC's board of directors. 

Emergency Preparedness and Neighborhood Safety

  • Cherie requested volunteers for the Emergency Preparedness Committee. Paddy McDonald volunteered.
  • Cherie showed examples of some neighborhood safety signs being offered by the city. About ten people were interested in getting them. Cherie will order an assortment and distribute them at our next meeting. They may require specific fasteners for display on telephone poles to accommodate city worker safety.
  • Stephen Smith gave a quick update on the Map Your Neighborhood program.
    • Open discussion on the best place in the neighborhood for an emergency gathering place. MLK FAME had been discussed, but it's in a liquefaction zone, so probably not the best place for it.
  • Proposal to invite the Red Cross for a presentation at the next meeting.

Upcoming Events

  • July 15th: blood drive and bike tune up event with Madison Park Community Council
    • May need volunteers for blood drive. Need to pre-register to volunteer on their website. We will post more info on Facebook and the MVCC website when we get it.
  • TBD: crime prevention seminar from Seattle Police Department's East Precinct

19 April 2017

08 March 2017


  • Update on status of SPARKS grants (Penelope Karovsky, MVCC)
  • Discussion / vote on revised MVCC by-laws (Dana Hanna, MVCC)
  • Presentation of Madison Park BRT planning (Jeff Lundstrom, BRT)
  • "Map Your Neighborhood" disaster preparedness project (Stephen Smith)

1. Sparks Grants (Penelope Karovsky)

  • MVCC has received two grants so far, and we're applying for more.
  • We have submitted a grant proposal for a traffic calming circle on East Arthur Place.

2. Revised By-Laws (Dana Hanna)

  • MVCC's current by-laws are not in compliance with non-profit law.
  • MVCC officers have worked with the Center for Non-Profit Law in Eugene, Oregon, to draft revisions that bring us into compliance.
  • No feedback was received in advance of the meeting, but written comments were submitted at the meeting. The written comments are displayed below.
  • Officers requested that any further feedback be sent over email to MVCC officers.
  • Go-forward plan:
    • Dana will incorporate feedback received in the form of redlines to the current draft.
    • We will publish the redlines on this website and solicit more feedback from the community.
    • We will iterate the redlines with counsel to make sure all revisions allow us to remain in compliance with non-profit law and best practices.
    • We will call another meeting of MVCC in April to discuss, and hopefully ratify.

3. Notification of MVCC meetings

  • This was not on the agenda, but a member brought up concerns about how members are notified of MVCC meetings.
  • Currently, we give at least two weeks' notice of meetings through the following channels:
  • We do not currently have the budget to send meeting notifications by US mail or by hand-distribution.
  • Going forward, we'll endeavor to notify the Madison Park Times of upcoming meetings in advance of their editorial deadlines, which will give us one more channel for those who do not communicate online.

4. Madison Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Presentation (Jeff Lundstrom)

  • A question and answer period followed. Major points:
    • Concerns over safety of 60' articulated buses, especially for cyclists. Current buses regularly cross over median at MLK and Madison. BRT will be reviewing safety at each point of the line and will be modifying the Madison / MLK intersection in accordance. Buses need to be 60' to meet route capacity goals.
    • Question on whether BRT is part of Metro. Metro owns and operates buses. They are partnered with BRT. Buses will be branded 'Rapid Ride' and the BRT will be called 'Rapid Ride G'.
    • What will the turnaround at MLK look like?
      • Eastbound buses stop before MLK, all passengers exit.
      • Buses then turn right on MLK and use the turnaround behind Essential. Turnaround will be modified to accommodate bus size.
      • Drivers will take their layovers / breaks at this turnaround.
      • Buses will then turn left back out to MLK and take a left on Madison.
    • Concerns that this is not a good place for a turnaround. BRT has not been able to find a more appropriate place.
    • There will be a new traffic signal at East Harrison and MLK with pedestrian crosswalks.
    • Some trees along the route will need to be removed for safety. BRT will put back two trees for every one removed, as close to the same block as possible.
    • The 11 bus will connect the BRT to Madison Park.
    • All traffic lights along the route will be smart signals with sensors and bus prioritization to improve traffic flow.

5. Map Your Neighborhood Program (Stephen Smith)

  • Stephen is working with a small group of neighbors on the Map Your Neighborhood program. The program focuses on bringing close neighbors together to improve disaster preparedness.
    • Organizers put together maps of 15-20 dwellings, find skills that exist in those households, and organize for earthquake preparedness. 
    • Stephen is working on kits to keep in homes that include boots, water, protection, and more.
    • MLK FAME could be a good rally point and place to store provisions.
  • For more information:

Officers present:

  • Penelope Karovsky (President)
  • Dana Hanna (Vice-President)


  1. Open office – Secretary
  2. Distinctions between MVCC, MVMA, SMV organizations
  3. New MVCC by-laws and website
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. New MVCC projects / committees

Open office – secretary

  • The office of secretary for MVCC is currently vacant.
  • Only the organization’s secretary is legally allowed to change names on the non-profit’s bank account, which needs to be done at this point. So we need to elect a new or acting secretary for this meeting.
  • Dana Hanna is nominated as acting secretary. Nomination is seconded.
  • A vote is taken – all in favor, none opposed.
  • Dana Hanna is the new acting secretary of MVCC.

Distinctions between MVCC, MVMA, and SMV organizations

  • The Greater Madison Valley Community Council (MVCC) is a tax-deductible non-profit created to improve the quality of life in the Madison Valley neighborhood.
  • The Madison Valley Merchants Association (MVMA) is a completely separate non-profit. Donations to MVMA are not tax-deductible.
  • Save Madison Valley (SMV) is another completely separate non-profit formed by residents of Madison Valley, centered around responsible development in the area.
  • Although these organizations share some members and officers, they are completely separate non-profit organizations. They do not share donations, and they may have different goals.
  • The website has previously collected donations for both MVMA and MVCC. That’s no longer the case. The site is no longer associated with MVCC. We are creating a new website for MVCC.
  • Meetings of MVMA and MVCC have been combined for a time due to thin attendance. MVCC will now have meetings completely separate of MVMA meetings.

New MVCC by-laws and website

  • The new elected officials of MVCC hired non-profit counsel, David Atkins, to review MVCC’s compliance with non-profit law. Out of the review came a recommendation to update our by-laws, which were one page long and had been drafted originally in 1989.
  • Our new by-laws will be available for viewing on our Facebook group, and eventually our website ( Highlights:
    • We will be moving public meetings to once per quarter.
    • We’ll eventually build a board of directors in addition to the current elected officers. Ideally, these board members head committees devoted to various neighborhood projects. (Ron Flynn, facilities manager for MLK FAME, is interested in joining!)
    • We are required to keep a list of members along with their email addresses and/or addresses. Because of this, we can’t define membership as anyone who lives within a certain geographic area. Members actually have to sign up. This can be done by joining the Facebook group, by coming to a public meeting and signing in, by emailing a council officer, or other ways to be defined later.
    • We can have voting and non-voting members. Voting members will elect the new council officers every year. We have not yet determined what, if anything, separates voting and non-voting members. Feedback welcome.
    • The new by-laws have not yet been formally adopted. We will post publicly and take feedback over Facebook / email and at at the next public meeting.
    • The geographic area we serve will be updated in the by-laws and on the new website.
    • Questions:
      • Can the community council take votes and represent the community with the city?
        • Response from Lindy Wishard: Yes. Any group can. Previously there was a formal system but the body has been disbanded (district councils). Lots of unknowns as to what will happen to district councils. Some are staying together but no longer have the same codified voice as before as per initiative from the Mayor.
      • What is the best way to keep the most number of community members involved? How to we communicate to the max number of people?
        • Primary is website and Facebook group. We need to decide what we want to engage in. We can then reach out to people who are not online but may be interested in getting involved.

Treasurer’s report

Cherie, our treasurer, is traveling right now, so this is a quick summary as of when she departed. She will updte at our next public meeting.

  • Expenses for 2016
    • Had to renew business license for 2015 and 2016 - $112.00
    • Had to pay late fee for 2015 business license - $40.00
    • Final payment to bookkeeper - $62.50
      • Note: we will not be outsourcing the bookkeeping work going forward
    • Posters and banner - $320.67
    • Quickbooks for non-profits purchase - $50
    • Attorney fees: compliance review - $597.00
    • Attorney fees: revision of by-laws - $500.00

Call for new projects

  • MVCC wants to hear what projects members are interested in pursuing. We’d like to get committees started for the most needed ones. Ideally, they’d initially be small projects we can get done in a short amount of time.
  • Penelope has applied for an art in the park grant to feature music / performance in a nearby park in December. There is a city portal with all various grants available. (
  • Penelope has been investigating getting a farmers market in the area. Previous officers of MVCC have done some investigation on this; Catherine has more info.
  • Food “gleaning” – collecting unused produce from neighborhood gardens and redistributing it to neighbors in need – could be fruit tree harvesting and maintenance.
  • “Pitch in” days – helping neighbors who are physically unable to do yardwork, housecleaning, etc.
  • Greenways project (led by Bob Edmonton in Madison Park)
  • Earthquake preparedness committee
  • Ongoing projects (from Catherine Nunneley)
    • Friends of Julia Lee Park group
    • Opening field house in Arboretum for community use
    • William Cumming painting – currently being spruced up

Adjourned 8.05pm.

15 November 2016