Welcome, new MVCC board members!

We grew our strength as a community on June 20th by electing several new faces to the Madison Valley Community Council Board of Directors. Here is your 2017 MVCC board:

  • Penelope Karovsky - President
  • Dana Hanna - Vice President
  • Cherie Sato - Treasurer
  • Diane Zahn - Secretary
  • Kevin Murphy - Board Member
  • Jennifer Goodwin - Board Member
  • Sarah Trethewey - Board Member
  • Ron Flynn - Board Member
  • Paddy McDonald - Board Member

That means we've filled nine of our ten board positions - and that's great news! We look forward to being able to take on more work to improve our community with the newly elected board. If you're interested in running for the tenth position, let us know - we can have interim elections for vacant positions at any of our meetings.

Dana Hanna