Greater Madison Valley Community Council
Although we've been around since 1989, the mission of the Madison Valley Community Council hasn't changed. We're still a group of residents working to improve the quality of life in our community. We hold quarterly Community Meetings and aim to provide our neighbors with pertinent information and to stay involved in Seattle's Neighborhood Coalition.
The Greater Madison Valley Community Council (or MVCC, for short) was originally incorporated by members of the Harrison School PTA. As Catherine Nunnelly wrote in June of 1989: The council aims to be a democratic community group to serve as a forum for the neighborhood on local and civic matters. We will provide a means for communicating our wishes to school and city authorities. We want to improve our neighborhood in every way. Over the years the Council, now known as the Greater Madison Valley Community Council, has had many missions: a Village School Partnership with Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School,  a proponent of pedestrian and bike safety, a partner in creating the local P-Patch, a steward and promoter of public green spaces. 
We bring people together to work on projects to benefit the neighborhood. Current efforts include community fun events, involvement with the Central District disaster preparedness forum, protecting green spaces, and hosting blood drives. If you'd like information on the dates of the Community Meetings, or how to get involved in a specific project, email